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How to Start Investing in HYIP?

1,You need to register an e-currency account : Perfect Money ;Bitcoin

2,Buy E-currency From Exchange company: Buy Perfect Money ; Buy Bitcoin

3,Make a deposit in our invest page, Then Waiting for your payment

4,Receive Your Interest and Reinvest or Sell e-currency: Sell Perfect Money ;Sell Bitcoin

4. You will begin earning interest on your investment the following day (Monday - Sunday). Your principal investment is returned on the final day of the investment term. The term length is 30 or 500 or 1000 days.

Note: If you have any questions about the investment process please contact us at
Starter Plan
Standard Plan
Advanced Plan
Daily Interest rate: 20%
Term: 1000 days
Minimum: $500.00
Maximum: $4999.00
Type: Simple
Daily Interest rate: 50%
Term: 500 days
Minimum: $5,000.00
Maximum: $24,999.00
Type: Simple
Daily Interest rate: 500%
Term: 30 days
Minimum: $25,000.00
Maximum: $250, 000.00
Type: Simple

Daily interest rate
They daily interest rate you receive automatic from us

The minimum and maximum investment amounts for each plan.

Note: Example investments have been included on the investment page.

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